K90 billion for floods survivors resettlement


By Jameson Chauluka:

MAN ON THE GROUND— Homeland Security Minister Nicholas Dausi (right) talks to a flood victim in Chikwawa

The government has said it needs over K90 billion for resettlement of internally displaced people to higher grounds in the wake of heavy rains and floods which hit parts of the country last month.

Homeland Security Minister, Nicholas Dausi, said this in Chikwawa District when he presided over Malawi Red Cross and Department of Disaster Management Affairs (Dodma) Joint Response Plan for floods survivors who are internally displaced.


Dausi said the government needs $365 million, just over K90 billion, for the reconstruction and resettlement exercise which, he said, was a long-term project.

He hailed people who have voluntarily relocated upland and encouraged others in flood-prone areas to follow suit.

“We are happy that people of Mwalija Village have decided voluntarily to move upland. We are urging other people in low-lying areas to move to other areas to avoid a recurrence of what happened this year.


“We are helping them build strong houses that can withstand such natural disasters. The government, in partnership with Malawi Red Cross, will provide life-supporting amenities such as schools, hospitals, water and police units to enable them to live a normal life,” he said.

Meanwhile, the families who were living in Mwalija Camp in Chikwawa have moved upland where Malawi Red Cross Society is constructing temporary shelters for them.

Malawi Red Cross Society Communication Specialist, Felix Washoni, hailed the families who are relocating, saying they would help stakeholders save resources which would have been spent on them in case of floods next year.

Washoni said, in all five districts, Malawi Red Cross was prioritising families which were willing to relocate.

Heavy rains and floods killed 60 and displaced over 80,000 people in the country last month.

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