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Let us prevent unsafe abortion


We are for the protection of life, which is the new resolution of the Crew. Actually, this is another ‘Pastoral Letter’ of the year. We, of course, call it “Letter from the Citizens”, patriotic ones for that matter.

Indeed, members of the Crew are a patriotic lot, they don’t get “palm greased” to adopt any stand. They analyse situations and, mostly, take a stand that benefits the voiceless.

Take, for instance, this case. It is a fact that many girls and women find themselves in a situation where they discover that they are pregnant but are not prepared for the said pregnancy. Many hypocrites, especially those that consider themselves holier than others, rush into criticising this line of reasoning.


Yet, according to a survey by the Crew, it is a fact that some of those that criticise or label ‘safe abortion campaigners’ as sinners and un- Malawian are the same people that send their daughters, concubines, and spouses to some medical experts to procure an abortion. Let us not be cheated that some clinics don’t carry out abortions secretly. We will not mention them, but they exist… pangani makani muwone tiwulule [raise a finger and we will smoke you out]!

Now, these are the rich, people that can afford to part ways with any amount of money, be it K11,000 or more, that clinics or clinicians [privately] charge for the procurement of ‘safe abortion’.

But we have a very sad situation where girls, women or abandoned spouses [including those who get raped], become pregnant and, knowing that society might ridicule them [or indeed fearing that churches and religious leaders would excommunicate them], they rush to village ‘abortion experts’ or herbalists, who use unorthodox and unsafe methods to terminate the pregnancy.


We know some of you will be too angry to finish reading this ‘Letter from the Citizens’, but the fact stands that you are hypocrites. You send your daughters, concubines, spouses or even yourselves to qualified practitioners, yet the poor of the poorest are left in the cold and subjected to those cruel, archaic, traditional or unprofessional methods that include inserting some wood, metal items [folks inclusive], inside the sensitive bodies of the women. The women get harmed in the process and unfortunate ones die.

Mulungu adzakulangani inu ofuna kuti anthu azifa chifukwa chodzikonda ponamizira chipembedzo [God will punish you for creating policies that kill many in the guise of religion]. God is a creator of life, and by condemning abortion wholesale, you subject the multitudes to the torture of methods used when procuring an unsafe abortion.

Whether you like it or not, our society’s beliefs will always ridicule “fatherless children”. Some mothers have subjected their daughters to abortion just because they are deemed righteous in the society, members of church women’s guilds or, indeed, pastors. We know of some revered men of God, pastors, reverends, bishops, among others, who have impregnated other people’s wives [including those in your churches] and you have sponsored ‘safe abortions’ in some of these clinics.

Now, why do you condemn abortion? Do you want the poor to continue dying while you continue procuring unsafe abortions? Why do you continue to impregnate our women in your respective communities just because you have the money to send them to health facilities that offer ‘safe abortion’ services?

Don’t apply double standards, don’t cheat people that you and your families cannot find yourself in a situation where a member of your family gets an unwanted pregnancy. We are all victims and, please, don’t subject the poor to death.

We, in the Crew, stand for the poor and the poorest. We don’t make friends with hypocrites at whatever level. We, in the greatest team, are for safe abortion!

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