Madonna opens the Mercy James Children’s Hospital


Pop Star Madonna has officially opened the Mercy James Paediatric Surgery and Intensive Care, named after her adopted daughter Mercy James. In her

In her speech she said the future of all children must be protected and this prompted her to take good care of her adopted son and daughter David and Mercy respectively.

She said when she was initially told by authorities in Malawi that she could not be allowed to adopt Mercy because of her single mother status, she would not take no for an answer.


“I never take no for an answer if there’s no logical reason given to me. I fought for my daughter Mercy and I won, it wasn’t easy, so never ever give up on your dream…love conquers all”.

She further said growing up without a mother stirred up her desire for children.

“I grew up without a mother and all my life I have longed to be good mother”


Mercy James in her speech thanked her mother Madonna for her dedication to saving the lives of children in Malawi.

“Thank you mum, you’re the bomb,” she ended her speech.

Health Minister Peter Kumpalume said the Children’s Centre is should be kept clean as it now is the property of the Ministry of Health. He ailed the relationship that exists between Madonna and the Malawi government.

President Peter Mutharika and first lady Gertrude Mutharika were present at the ceremony.

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