10 tech enthralling books


I have great affinity for whatever is well written. Once in a while, some excellent and cruelly crafted piece of art-tech romance makes me feel eerie.

Here are 10 books that I find, like nicotine in tea, addictive. Walter Isaacson’s enthralling (according to New Yorker) Steve Jobs; employing ordinary speak dosed with computer metaphors, Isaacson takes you through a jolly walk through the complicated cognitive real estate of the America icon.

Digital Wars; Charles Arthur: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle for the Internet; uses business lexicon to explain why Apple is the most profitable technology empire.


According to Thomas Friedman, The world is Flat. Published in 2005, Thomas theorises that technology is the glue that cements the world into one global village.

The Facebook Effect; David Kirkpatrick, describes a fairytale episode of young lads reminiscent of those in Golding’s’ Lord of the Flies who drop out of college, rent out a house to code Facebook.

Steve Jobs was and is the DNA of iPhone but one man made it possible; Jony Ives. In Jony Ives: The Genius behind Apple’s Great Products, Leader Kahney shows how Ives used design philosophies like minimalism and snow-white to create iconic iPhone; it is Jony’s biography told in ‘picturesque’.


Where are we? Down to number six. Google Story; David A Vise outsources detective storytelling technique to unmask two undergraduates who were unsatisfied with search engines of the day.

They created their own with mathematical algorithms that makes Google synonymous to search.

Bill Gates does not only code, he pens beautifully. Business at the Speed of Thought is a narrative of work intensity at Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters that resulted into a computer on every desk.

Bill and Dave; Michael S. Malone is a legendary book on how to build a tech republic.

You may guess your way through the maze of Android software but it pays to be knowledgeable. Teach- Yourself Visually- Android Phones and Tablets; Guy hart-Davis is a teacher hidden in a book.

And one more, admittedly, this one is tech-lingo scented. Endure the torture and you will come out bathed clean and with technology fragrance radiating for anyone to notice.

There are plenty more, google the rest; don’t forget to Mpamba or Airtel- Money my mentor’s fees. What’s wrong massaging somebody’s old age? (1 Kings 1:1-3)

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