14 to star in All Shades of Beautiful Fashion show


Fourteen models, some with physical challenges, are expected to participate in the second edition of All Shades of Beautiful Fashion show driven by Xandria Fashion House at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre on Saturday.

Xandria said Wednesday that All Shades of Beautiful Fashion show, that will be spiced up by several other activities including a performance by musician Lulu, is there to bring about social economic change and at the same time give persons with disabilities a platform to showcase their talents, skills and overcome society’s stigma.

“We are set. This year, we also have 10 designers with various physical challenges and those without who will compete for a grand prize. The designers will be given materials and inspiration elements to design accessories and wardrobes,” Xandria said.


She said this year will feature 14 models, six with disabilities and six without and two kids, one with disability and the other without.

“The other model is three years old whereas the other one is 12 years old. There is an improvement this year, looking at the participation, and the support is also overwhelming although we still need more for us to execute the event well,” Xandria said.

Some of the challenge categories include adaptive fashion which is clothing designed around the needs and abilities of people with varying degrees of disability, sustainable fashion and Malawian traditional fashion.


“Our main aim this year is to bring impact to these designers’ lives by supporting their startup businesses financially, providing them with the right materials to learn and finding them a market to sell their products,” she said.

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