2015 is for Malawi says Erik Paliani


South Africa-based producer, songwriter and guitarist Erik Paliani has dedicated the New Year to Malawi, saying he has more to offer.

Paliani, who has rubbed shoulders with high-profile artists and has performed in several international festivals, described the year 2014 as amazing although he admitted that he did not hold more performances.

“2014 was amazing. I took time off performing too much to concentrate on some Jazz studies and shape up my band for the road,” said the guitar wizard, who last performed in Malawi two years ago.


Legendary musician Wambali Mkandawire has sung praises of Paliani, saying he is one of the best musicians the country has ever produced but he has not been given the limelight in his home.

His album Chitukutu and Wambali’s albums are the only ones that are found in one of the music shops in South Africa.

The musician best known for his work with South African singer Zamajobe Sithole and legendary trumpeter Hugh Masekela, said he is trying hard to penetrate the country.


“I will be coming home to shoot some videos and also set up a company. I realised that things take about two years to catch up at home (we need to change that) so I am trying again this year to penetrate my home country,” said Paliani.

He said he has established a solid foundation in South Africa but now he would love to connect this with home. “It is all about Jazz fusion this year. This time around let me do the work on the ground and not talk,” said Paliani.

The artist has moved a long winding road to be where he is today and credits his strong foundation and international success to performing with Acacias Band which also produced other renowned artists like Ben Mankhamba and Chris Kele.

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