216 immigration recruits stranded


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services is yet to post to duty stations at least 216 support staff it employed months ago due to what it calls an administrative error in the recruitment process.

The department’s spokesperson Pasqually Zulu said the department omitted an ‘important’ aspect of performing security checks on all the 216 before offering them jobs.

“This process was supposed to be done before we employed them and we are doing it now. Otherwise, they completed all the documentation for the employment. We realised later that we missed this important aspect and it has to happen nevertheless, since we are a security institution. It is our fault and we apologise for the delay in posting them but they will be posted the moment these processes are completed,” he said.


Zulu could, however, not provide a time-frame for the security checks, saying the task involves other stakeholders such as police.

One of the employed people, who opted for anonymity, said she resigned from her previous work in anticipation of the posting at the department.

“We were called on August 31 and informed that we were successful. We filled all the necessary forms and were told that we would be posted to duty stations the following week, which has not happened up to now,” she said.


Out of the 216, at least 53 are drivers, 93 are guards and 70 are messengers.

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