29 people with disability in race


By Jameson Chauluka:

AMOS — It is a milestone

At least 29 people with disability are vying for positions in the May 21 Tripartite Elections.

Federation of Disability Organisations in Malawi Executive Director, Action Amos, described the development as a “milestone”.


Amos said 11 are vying for parliamentary seats while 18 are contesting as councillors.

“This is the first time we have this number of people with disability contesting for various positions in an election. We hope that, when some of them make it, they will be representing the needs of people with disability in Parliament and at Local Government level,” he said.

However, he lamented lack of interest in the presidency among people with disability, saying this could fuel perceptions that they are not capable of leading the country.


He said disability takes various forms, including mental challenges, adding that it is possible that, out of the 20 aspiring presidential candidates, a few of them have some degree of disability.

“So far, no aspiring president has declared their disabilities because they think they might be attacked on their disabilities but we hope that, next time, we will see aspiring presidents declaring their disabilities,” he said.

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