3 arrested for Mec break-in


By Audrey Kapalamula:

Police in Lilongwe have arrested three people for allegedly being involved in the recent break-in at Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) regional offices in Lilongwe.

National Police spokesperson, James Kadadzera, on Saturday said the suspects are a 15-year-old boy and two 17-year-old boys.


Kadadzera said the first suspect was arrested on May 9 in Area 9 after being identified through CCTV footage at Mec; a development that led to the arrest of the other two suspects.

“After interviewing him, he mentioned the other two, who were arrested in Area 24. The suspects are also connected to a series of break-ins in area 15, 18 and Portuguese Club,” he said.

He said police were interrogating the suspects to place proper charges on them.


The break-in occurred on May 1 2019 and, according to Mec, the people did not get away with noticeable property.

Mec dismissed reports that the burglars stole CCTV cameras, saying they only disengaged cables connected to the cameras.

It also said no critical electoral preparation activities were taking place at the Lilongwe office.

Two police officers and two security guards, who were manning the premises, were taken for questioning.

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