30-day deadline clocks for parastatals on reforms


A month after meeting the Public Sector Reforms Commission in Blantyre, statutory corporations based in the Southern region will be presenting their reports to the commission this week.

Government is championing public sector reforms with the objective of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery in the country.

Statutory corporations are among the government institutions that have often hit the spotlight for failure to deliver services as they are mandated.


And as part of the reforms awareness, between April 16 and 20 this year, the commission engaged parastatals in the Southern region during which the institutions were challenged to revisit their plans and align them with the reforms that the government is implementing.

The departments were given 30 days to deliver their revised strategies to the commission.

Principal Secretary for the Public Sector Reform Management Unit, Nwazi Mnthambala says the meetings are on this week.


“After giving the parastatals 30 days to go and identify reform areas in their institutions, we are meeting them again this week so that we proceed from where we left last time,” said Mnthambala.

The institutions include Admarc, MBC, Macra, Escom, Malawi University of Science and Technology, Malawi National Examinations Board, Malawi Gaming Board, Southern Region Water Board, Blantyre Water Board, Malawi Housing Corporation, National Sports Council, Malawi Posts Corporation, Malawi Bureau of Standards and the judiciary.

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