40 shortlisted for Charles Ulaya Classic


About 40 bodybuilders have been shortlisted for special training ahead of Ulaya Classic Bodybuilding competition, sponsor and host, Charles Ulaya, has said.

The former Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Association of Malawi (WBAM) president, has been scouting for raw talent in gyms across Blantyre, Lilongwe and Zomba ahead of the September’s competition.

“So far, the exercise has been quite encouraging. I am also impressed with the number of bodybuilders which I have identified. So far 40 bodybuilders have met the requirements to compete in several categories,” he said.


“Towards the end of June or early July, we will do a pre-judging. It is an examination for the bodybuilders to see how fit they are and determine whether within two months, they can perfect their body mass.”

Ulaya said they had given the participants five months to prepare for the competition.

“We are sharing with them online training programmes. We noted that most local bodybuilders have problems with their leg muscles. We are using Chris Distin’s programme,” he said.


One of the shortlisted bodybuilders, Emmanuel ‘Musclemanze’ Mihuwa, said the competition would give them an opportunity to showcase their muscles.

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