45 seconds song in Lawi’s album


Musician Lawi’s latest album Sunset in the Sky has a shortest song, ‘Kosalowa Dzuwa’, that runs for 45 seconds.
Lawi’s album has 25 tracks.
The longest song in the album, which was launched in Lilongwe last month, runs for four minutes 33 seconds and is titled ‘Dziko Lidakali.’
With most songs from recently released albums running as long as five minutes or six minutes, Lawi has restricted himself to short songs.
In fact, there is another song that runs for one minute. In it, he talks about the godliness of God and his enduring love.
The 45-second song starts with a man asking as to whether Lawi is ready for recording and, then, the recording starts.
The song ends with a man, who seems to be the producer, telling other members to have Lawi taken out of the studio.
It is a song in which Lawi speaks highly of paradise, saying that he will sing where the sun does not set and that he will sing where there is no day and night.
He further says he will sing with angels. It is a short song worth listening to, the message is spot on but, to some extent, it sounds like they were just rehearsing.
Lawi must, surely, have given himself a tough time to work on 25 tracks. He surely could have concentrated on a few and then carry over the other songs to another album.
“I, as an artist, do not have limits. I have the whole world as my canvas and nothing can limit my creativity or stop me from expressing myself,” Lawi said.
He added that working on 25 songs was not a challenge.
“I was very comfortable doing 25 songs and I could do more if I wanted to. Every piece in the album is well thought out and arranged. We went through a screening process at every level to glass mastering, and what you hear is a product that has been well monitored. So, nothing is there by mistake,” he said.
On the length of the songs, Lawi said it was a deliberate move.
“A piece should go as far as you wish it to go but, also, be short enough for the listener to not lose attention,” the singer and guitarist said.
Just like the album Lawi, where people concentrated more on the danceable song ‘Amaona Kuchedwa,’ forgetting other equally good tracks, Sunset in the Sky needs an ear and not enough legs on the dance floor.
The songs in the album have a variety of messages which are important to the society.
Apart from some songs exalting God, in other songs Lawi talks about the experiences that people go through.
In the song ‘Therere’, he talks about the endless love of the mother.
Some of the songs in the album are ‘Ndiangelo’, ‘Salimo Langa Ndi’, ‘Fesa’, ‘Ubale’, ‘Dance With Me’, ‘Chipepeso,’ ‘Diso’, ‘ Monga Nyerere’, ‘ One Handshake’, ‘Where My Heart Is’ and ‘Omanga’.

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