5 Best Shares To Buy in Malawi


The Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) is the stock exchange of Malawi which is headquartered in Blantyre. The MSE was established in 1996 and it is licensed under the Financial Services Act 2010.

Since its establishment, MSE has provided institutional and individual investors with an efficient marketplace where they can trade different shares of 16 listed companies.

FDH Bank Plc (MSE: FDHB)

FDH Bank Plc is a financial services provider (FSP) that is based in Malawi. FDH Bank was founded in 2007 as a private entity and re-registered again as a public limited liability company in 2020.


FDH Bank began the year on a share price of 14.45 MWK [2021/10/29], and it has experienced an 11.1% increase on this valuation which has ranked it 7th on the MSE. FDH Bank is the 11th most-traded share on the Malawi Stock Exchange and a favourable option for Malawian investors.

FDH Bank currently trades at 16.05 MWK [2021/10/29], with an overall 33.8% price increase from last year.

Icon Properties Plc (MSE: ICON)

Based in Malawi, Icon Properties Plc is a property holding company that was initially established to facilitate the ownership, leasing, management, and development of different property types including commercial, industrial, and retail property.


Icon Properties Plc currently trades at 12.95 MWK [2021/10/29] and has recorded a gain of 0.8% over the previous trading session. Icon Properties Plc started the year with a price of 12.27 MWK, indicating an overall 5.54% price increase on this valuation.

Icon Properties Plc is the most traded share on the MSE, and shareholders are extremely optimistic about this share because it has accrued 7% in the past month.

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NBS Bank Limited (MSE: NBS)

NBS Bank Limited was established in 1964 and it operates as a commercial bank in Malawi, licensed by the Reserve Bank of Malawi as well as the central bank and the national banking regulator.

NBS Bank Limited is a mid-sized retail bank that currently trades at 22.98 MWK [2021/10/29]. NBS Bank is the 8th most-traded share on MSE, and it started the year for 21.60 MWK, having gained over 6% on this price evaluation, ranking it 9th on MSE in terms of YTD performance.

NBS Bank Limited is a good long-term investment, especially considering that the 1-year price gain stands at 9.69%.

Standard Bank Limited (MSE: STANDARD)

Standard Bank Limited, formerly known as the Commercial Bank of Malawi, offers a wide range of financial services to both corporate and individual clients based in the region. As of December 2019, the total assets held with Standard Bank Limited were more than 375 million MWK.

Standard Bank Limited trades at 1,250 MWK [2021/10/29] and it is the 10th most-traded share on the MSE. According to its year-to-date performance, share prices increased by 46.9% overall, instilling confidence in investors that this share is a good investment.

Press Corporation Limited (MSE: PCL)

Press Corporation Limited is the largest holding company in Malawi with a market cap of over 179 billion MWK. Press Corporation Limited has vested interests in several sectors including food and beverages, financial services, consumer goods, and more.

PCL shares currently trade at 1,494 MWK [2021/10/29] and since the start of the year, Press Corporation Limited has seen a gain of 14.2% on its price valuation, ranking it 6th on the MSE where performance is concerned.

PCL is one of the most lucrative shares now, with a P/E Ratio of 50.08 and EPS of 29.85 MWK.

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