51 coaches earn badges


Some 51 out of 66 Northern Region football coaches have earned Football Association of Malawi (Fam) C-Coaching licences after undergoing a six-month training in Mzuzu.

After presenting the certificates, Northern Region Coaches’ Committee Chairperson, McNebart Kazuwa, said the training would contribute to football development in the country.

He promised to in future include more women in such courses. There were only three female coaches during the training.


“As an as association, our expectations are high. This will help these coaches to teach their respective teams,” Kazuwa said.

“In addition, we are also hoping to see grassroots’ football soaring in the region.”

One of female coaches, Hilary Munthali, who mentors Mzuni FC’s ladies’ team, Mzuni Sisters, said she was happy to attain the licence.


“I was not expecting this as most of the times, we tend to think that coaching is for men only,” she said.

“Coaching is a job that any other person can do. I have just proved that by earning this qualification. I will also use this paper to, among other things, strengthen other teams in the region.

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