9 people killed in Germany attacks


At least nine people were killed at two shisha lounges in a German city on Wednesday evening, sparking a huge manhunt overnight for the suspect.

The suspect was later found dead at his home early yesterday after the assault in Hanau, which is just 25 kilometres from Frankfurt. Another body was found at the suspect’s home.

Police said they were working to confirm the identities of both the suspect and other person found dead at his home, as well as the victims.


“There are no indications that other suspects were involved,” police said in a statement. “One of the two dead people found is highly likely the perpetrator.

The investigations into the identity of the victims and the perpetrator are ongoing.”

Police did not give details of the suspect’s possible motive or how he died.


Bild, a popular German tabloid newspaper, reported that the gunman expressed right-wing views in a letter of confession he left  behind.

The police could not immediately be reached for comment. The number of victims rose to nine after one person succumbed to their injuries, a police statement said.

Can-Luca Frisenna, whose father and brother run one of the two bars attacked by the gunman, said he rushed to the scene after he received news of the shooting.

“I heard my father was affected and my little brother, they run the kiosk, I don’t have much to do with it,” said Frisenna.

“But then I saw them both—they were horrified and they were crying and everything. So everyone was shocked.” Police officers sealed off and searched the suspect’s apartment in Hanau’s Kesselstadt district, near the scene of one of the shootings, after following up witness statements on a getaway car.

Claus Kaminsky, the mayor of Hanau, said it was “an evening that you can hardly imagine being any worse”.

Germany has suffered several attacks in recent years, one of which, claimed by ISIL, killed 12 people in the heart of Berlin in December 2016. Far-right attacks have become a particular concern for German authorities.—Al Jazeera

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