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A bunch of liars


There was certainly something wrong with President Peter Mutharika’s right hand rendering it useless to greet those who welcomed him at the airport on Sunday. He instead used his left.

There is nothing untold about this. Mutharika is a human being who will one day stop breathing like you and me.

He is not made of steel or stone. He is a perfect human being who feels pains and needs to eat to survive like you and me. His body can malfunction once in a while just like you and me and it would need repair at the hospital, all just like you and me.


God did not make him any special because he would one day become president of impoverished Malawi, not at all.

He is also well advanced in age, a period doctors call risky for any human being.

To a government that knows and respects democratic values of transparency and accountability, it is a matter of routine to tell Malawians that their president had gone under the weather.


But this is a DPP government and it consists of a bunch of liars.

The Information Minister Reverend Mallison Ndau and the grossly incompetent State House communication team lied to the nation that the President is in robust health and continued to stay in the US to attend other meetings on behalf of Malawians.

Now they have an egg all over their faces.

At the airport, Mutharika was clearly in pain and was embarrassingly greeting

people using the left hand.

Whoever is orchestrating these lies for their own personal ambition in government is being unfair not only to Malawians but to the President as well.

He needed to stay on in the US for the hand to heal before a grueling 16-hour flight back home.

All Malawians needed was to be told about the illness of their President so that the prayerful, among them, could intercede to the Almighty God on his behalf.

This sounds simple and straight forward. But to the DPP it is not. The selfish characters in government are thinking of their own positions and are afraid of provisions in the Constitution that governs a presidential illness.

They are afraid that Malawians will demand that the law be followed if it is deemed that the President is not in the right frame of mind and health to govern this nation yet at this stage nobody is talking about the incapacitation of Mutharika.

Some characters in DPP cannot imagine life off the government gravy train as it happened to them between 2012 to 2014 after God called former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s time up on earth.

And so they are desperate and pathetic to imagine that in this day and age, they can cheat Malawians that their President is alright when it is clear he is ill.

They are prepared to go to any extent and lie just about anything.

The question that Malawians must ask themselves is this: If the DPP government can lie about an otherwise straight-forward issue of the President being sick, what other matters in government are they cheating Malawians about?

Are we then surprised that there are a lot of shenanigans happening in this government manifested by rampant corruption, general malaise and incompetence?

Ndau even had the naked audacity to issue a press release threatening Malawians with arrest after accusing them of making up the President’s sickness while insisting that he is in robust health.

It turns out it is the minister who was imagining and making things up.

In civilized societies, these are enough grounds for any public official to get sacked or resign.

Here nothing of that sort will happen because we have a bunch of DPP liars as our leaders.

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