A fool has no limits


Alberteinstein, mdzukulu, once said: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

Of course, a glance at President Peter Mutharika speeches now provides clear indicators of a cadet-behind-the-throne leadership in him and the linkage between the prevailing socio-economic hardships and policy decisions, and the pursuit of narrow interests by Democratic Progressive Party.

If indeed, Mutharika, as he has been telling the world, was part of the group that authored the Malawi Constitution, then, mdzukulu, the President would be the first to know the spirit of respecting other arms of the government and letting other constitutional bodies do their work without the Executive’s interference as preached by the Constitution.


Perhaps that would save the President from an embarrassment he visited upon himself oftentimes he opens his mouth.

Surely, one would not miss the thinking of a cadet rather than a president oftentimes Mutharika exercises his mental faculties.

You would recall, mdzukulu, that not long ago the President despite his own constituted inquiry recommended that former minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development be further investigated for his suspicious dealings in maize purchase from Zambia, he, using a far stronger expletive, foamed around claiming that Chaponda had done nothing wrong.


But yesterday the Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB) netted Chaponda and his accomplices.

ACB wrote: “On 21st February 207, the Anti-Corruption Bureau conducted a search and seizure operation on various premises after it obtained search and seizure warrants from the court.

“The Anti-Corruption Bureau investigation had established that there were offences committed in the procurement of maize from Zambia.”

Of course, Chaponda and accomplices, mdzukulu you know principles of justice, are not yet guilty until proven thus by a competent court of law but was it wiser for the President to vouch for Chaponda’s innocence then?

And Tuesday he was at it again.

This time, in a replay of his brother Bingu wa Mutharika versus Fergus Cochrane- Dyet – in 2011, while serving as High Commissioner to Malawi, declared persona non grata and expelled from the country because of controversial comments he made in a leaked diplomatic cable – and anybody from the West.

Mutharika, mdzukulu, echoing sentiments made by some rights defenders, Reverend Macdonald Sembereka, Rodgers Newa and Billy Mayaya who wrongly think they know Malawi and its inhabitants better than Malawians themselves, told off everyone who has raised an objection to the Lilongwe-Salima Water Project, especially foreigners from the West.

The $500 million project has courted controversy due to purported intent by stakeholders to cut corners on required undertakings such as environmental and social impact assessment and feasibility study.

Mdzukulu, development partners have been criticising how the whole project was handled in its initial stages. Otherwise, it appears the project reeks of corruption as one diplomat said there was no transparency in the way the contact was awarded.

Yes, Khato Civils and South Zambezi has the capacity to handle this project and perhaps it can even pump water from the moon to Ndata in Thyolo.

Almost anyone agrees that Lilongwe, just like any other dwelling place in the country, needs incessant potable water.

But, mdzukulu, even the most stupider DPP cadet or related entity who has never heard of logic knows that such desperation is no justification for Mutharika and any well-meaning Malawian to childishly jump at such a free cutting-edge solution thrown their way and tout them as the best thing that ever happened to the country.

And it is appalling to see the President expend not only his energy but even more disproportionate resources to the initiative without any exhaustive analysis of the merits and demerits of the offered ‘assistance’.

But Einstein has the answer mdzukulu.

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