A future worth fighting for


There is one characteristic that all successful people share and it is no secret. No matter the many times they fall on the journey of their dreams, they wake up and try again and again and again until they triumph. They are never afraid of taking actions that most would not dare. They believe that we live in a world of unexplored and abundant opportunities.

Actually, what drives them forward is that they have a future worth fighting for. They look at the big picture and that makes the difference.

If you find yourself easily giving up, then, surely, you have not grasped that element of the future to fight for. Life is a battle that must be won. If you are an entrepreneur, then realise that you are not the only one on the market seeking the very same customer. If you are a job seeker, surely this world has millions of others possessing equally and even better qualifications than yours. Even in your workplace, there is that stiff competition for recognition through promotions and awards. You are not alone. But what will set you apart is when you have grasped the concept that life is worth fighting for.


When you have a future worth fighting for, you do not quit. Every time you fail, you try again. Take time to reflect on the lives of successful people. Mike Mlombwa had a future to fight for, thus he walked on foot from Mwanza to Blantyre to realise his dream and that marks the genesis of Countrywide Car Hire. Dr Thomson Mpinganjira had a future to fight for. Though he encountered rejection after rejection to acquire a banking licence, he tried again and again until he made it. If he had no future to fight for, FDH Bank would have died a dream.

Take extreme examples in life. Sautso Ndalama, a wheelchair-confined man who could not use his hands, did not accept life the way many perceived it. Many in his state would have been on the street begging for alms. But he believed he had a future worth fighting for. Using his disabled feet, he shocked the music industry when he became a popular DJ, mixing music on the laptop with his feet and even doing video editing. In 2015, he was voted Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Innovator of Innovators. When he was wheeled in front to receive the award, the young man cried; he could not even hug the Head of State as he had no arms. He registered success because he had a future worth fighting for.

The world has abundant examples that will always inspire you and these are the people you must emulate. If you happen to be stuck, then you are not surely fighting enough; you are watering down the fighting ability in you, you are over concentrating on the little obstacles that you encounter, hence you give up.


Anthony Robbins asks: “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” “If you were absolutely certain, what activities would you pursue, and what actions would you take?”

That answer you have is the one you have to fight for. Make decisions that will culminate in you attaining that answer. No matter how many times you fail down, try one more time. As long as there is tomorrow, wake up and start again. There is no need to put any limitations on what is possible. The fact that you tried and failed does not mean that you will fail again. Simply speaking, and it sounds like a joke, what you did in the past does not determine what you will do in the future.

Do not delay setting goals. Start turning your freighter now because up ahead, just a short distance away, is your future.

It will not be easy but it is possible. Why giving up on a dream that is possible? Why stopping in a fight where there can only be one champion – yourself. Carry on, keep moving because you have a future worth fighting for.

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