A system allowed is a system entrenched


There are a number of things that happen in life that may seem to be isolated incidents but are usually connected in one way or another or eventually form a pattern. As individuals sometimes we undermine the depth of our connectedness until something drastic wakes us up from our slumber. A good example is how Covid-19 has shown the world how connected we all are and how issues of race or class don’t hold in the face of imminent common risks. In one way or another we are all one. We are all part of a system all the way from our personal relationships, to our families, communities, nations and as a world.

Seeds sown

We usually make the mistake of assuming what we do ends with us. The conduct of one family member can set the tone for a whole generation. The conduct of one employee can set the tone for the whole company. The conduct of one person of authority can set a system for the whole country. This especially applies in situations we think only ‘we’ can get away with or are justified. These are seeds that have been sown and we cannot sow apples and expect to harvest almonds.


Ironically, it is only when tables are turned or we are on the receiving end of the adverse effects of the same conduct from elsewhere that we throw stones at the same system we allowed. This effect is especially prominent in political circles, where certain modus operandi only apply to a particular party or are justified. Not the other side. Or when political parties bash current government only to enter government and operate the exact same way. Seeds sown germinate and we cannot always control how far the wind takes them.

Throw stones at your own peril

When you begin to throw stones at others, keep in mind that you have set the tone for a system that will one day come back around to throw stones at you. You throw stones today, tomorrow stones will be thrown at you. Today it might be someone else’s information you leak, one day the same system will come back to bite you and leak the information you deem confidential; a system you celebrated and promoted at some point. Today you might oppress, injure, hurt, discriminate against someone; and tomorrow you will be the one hurt, injured, oppressed and discriminated against. The universe does not practice the same selectiveness when it comes to principles of life.


Let us not think we can choose what we allow on one side and think it will not apply on one side. In life the mystery of tomorrow is real. We all have no idea what our situation will be tomorrow, let us not imprint things in the surety of today without a single thought of the reverberating effects come tomorrow.


The fight against corruption remains a difficult fight because people do not fight corruption to end it, they fight corruption when they are not the ones benefitting from it.

People also engage in a selective fight against corruption, when they get their children into good schools by pulling strings, they are only a loving parent; but when someone they know is awarded a contract because they have a relationship with someone in the system then it is corruption and ‘justice’ should be served. And served cold.

Corruption is rife because it happens in all corners just dubbed different names and justifications. Whatever level of corruption anyone allows at whatever level, dawning whatever manner of overalls is embedding a system that will stick and manifest itself in various forms on various fronts. It is the principle that counts not the justification to the situation.


Every time we make a choice we should remember that we are setting a tone for something or someone and for our lives. When you choose integrity you choose it all round. When you choose fraud you choose fraud all round. When you choose chaos you choose chaos all round. When you choose peace you choose peace all round. The choices we make and actions we take form a system that will inevitably affect us and those around us in one way of the other. Choose the right systems to entrench.

I rest my case.

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