A world of Windows 8.1 phone


When I last I used a Windows phone, the internet wasn’t as fast as 3G. So, I decided to fiddle around with Nokia’s Windows 3G 8.1 Lumia 630.

Doing this column can sometimes be posh; I may have to put it on budget. The smartphone brutally punched a K57, 000 hole in my pocket.

Because Nokia 630 uses a micro-SIM Card, I took it to the network operator so it would be trimmed to size. That done; I was ready to go. Internet configuration was brisk; no hustles. I fired up Facebook and asked Windows 8.1 to always remember my password on this device.


Without having to ask, Nokia 630 went smart and purged through the friends’ list in Facebook, picked all the contact’s phone numbers and populated my phonebook.

WhatsApp was a bit tricky to configure. After a few minutes, I figured it out that for a contact to make it on the WhatsApp list; it had to be linked to Outlook first.

Cortana got anxious and stared offering help that I did not need like an offer to read my mail or even as far as replying to them. I found Cortana, somehow, invasive.


In no time, the Windows 8.1 phone turned into a buzz of activity. My five Gmail, one outlook and one Microsoft accounts all started downloading e-mails from their creator’s servers. The battery beeped desperately and the phone bid farewell.

I could not charge the phone at point. That should be obvious, power outage. When power was eventually restored I did the needful and civilization returned.

Nokia Lumia 630 became busy again with Cortana noticeably jumping around like nobody’s business.

I wanted to change my caller tune to Lulu’s Ndinena or Lucius Banda’s Sagona but Windows 8.1 would have none of it.

Google search confirmed my suspicion that Windows had assumed the responsibility of a music piracy policeman. But why would Windows 8.1 phone assume that I had pirated the music when I had happily paid for it?

Cortana was now getting on my nerves, and I hurriedly went to settings and killed it. I went further than that by making all apps that were clamoring for my attention quiet.

You see apps must obey my orders and not the other way around. I read WhatsApp messages when I want to; I do not want to be prompted to do so.

It was only after I had silenced the overzealous apps that I was able to use the phone the whole day without having to recharge it.

What did I think? Windows 8.1 phone is baby Windows 8.1 computer at work. Being a devout Windows church member, I was able to guess my way through the maze.

What is it that I did not like? The smartphone became moody every time I had neither airtime nor an internet bundle.

During such times some apps went on strike and refused to open. Nokia 630 is affordable but a little shower of exotic sea herbs might help to bring out an out-of-the-ordinary look and feel.

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