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‘Accidental presidents leading Malawi since 1994’

One of the political commentators in the country, Blessings Chinsinga, has said the socio- economic challenges that the country is passing through are a result of being ruled by “accidental presidents” since 1994.

In his presentation at a two-day Public Affairs Committee (Pac) 5th All-inclusive Stakeholder Conference in Blantyre on Wednesday, Chinsinga said the country is currently paying the cost of poor transition from one party to multiparty era.

Chinsinga, who described the country’s political system as broken, said Malawians were simply excited with moving out of one party era without thinking about the system to replace it.

He said any country needs a government and leaders born out of concrete political projects not the leaders who just accidentally find themselves leading.

“If somebody wants to become president of a country, it must be a lifetime plan. Not just waking up one day and you become president. In the end they have nothing to offer because they do not have any plan on how to move out of the challenges that the country is experiencing,” Chinsinga said.

He also said the one party era is still regarded as an economically successful era because policy was driving patronage but in the current era patronage is driving the policy resulting into a broken economy.

Chinsinga also said the country has poorly managed political parties and if Malawians want any socio-economic change there is a need to change the way parties function.

He said that there are only three political parties which are the United Democratic Front, the Malawi Congress Party and the Alliance for Democracy that may have been borne out of real political projects and the rest are just splitter groups formed out of frustration and not vision.

He said the National Assembly, which is mostly used as ‘political praise singing house,’ has also not been vibrant as people would expect it to be.

“Making matters worse, we have a middle class that is devoid of class consciousness and glorifies political mediocrity, “he said.

Chinsinga said Malawi urgently requires some strong political foundation and genuine self rule to come up with her own economic agenda.

“We can’t have ready-made solutions to our problems, we have to search for them and that can only be achieved if we have sincere and honest political dialogue,” Chinsinga said.

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