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By Patrick Achitabwino:

The reality of life is that you are in the position you are in today, the situation you are in today, the environment you are in today, among others, because of your yesterday.

The foreseeable reality is that you will be in another situation tomorrow, another position, another environment, grab opportunities or face challenges tomorrow, on the basis of how you live today.


The excellence you can achieve today will result in better returns tomorrow. The customer you treat well today will come back tomorrow. The project proposal you finalise writing today will accord you the business you have been craving for tomorrow.

Your procrastination today would result in lost business, declining business returns and possibly retrenchments. The best you can do is to be excellent today.

Renowned psychologist Dr Chiwoza Bandawe advances the motion that ‘today is the only day you have to flex your talents and maximise your enjoyment. Your challenge is to win in all aspects of life. To reach that goal, you need to set yourself up for success by winning one day at a time.’


When you look at your today, ensure that you are better at what you are doing than you were doing it yesterday as you have the benefit of the experience of yesterday.

Take it that, and it is true, you have no competitor in life and no one is competing with you. The only competition you have is the excellent you of yesterday.

If you do more than you did yesterday, train more than you did yesterday, study more than you did yesterday, practice more on your talents than you did yesterday, you will be better today and certainly be on the course for success.

It is good to have a dream. It is great to dream but dreams will forever remain dreams until we work hard today to realise them.

Our day-to-day contributions towards our dream, excellently achieving a little every day, multiply into the achievement of the dream we have been craving for.

Distractions will always be there. Self-sabotaging will always be there. Self-doubt will always be there, but always remember that any missed opportunity today is drifting you away from the realisation of your dreams.

As you are refining your mindset towards achieving excellence every day, let it be known that success will not be easy to achieve because your mind has existing patterns of doing things.

It means rewiring it into the new normal. It means cutting the umbilical connections to the behaviours you used to love and like the most. It means recasting the sphere of people that influence you.

For instance, if your excellence today rests on exercising more, then you better change the company of your friends to those that are doing exactly that which you want to do in order to achieve excellence.

In achieving excellence today, you need to be disciplined as the appetite for doing that which you used to do and was to the detriment of your dreams becomes so high.

Without discipline, you cannot achieve anything. Without discipline you cannot be resilient. Without discipline you cannot face failure and have the ability to wake up, try again and again until you win.

Discipline guards success. The moment you have lost your armour of discipline, you become fragile and can easily be conquered by behaviours and traits that will drift you away from reaching the promised land of your dreams.

At the end of the day, the inalienable truth is that we were all born with the talents, intelligence, wisdom and the desire to be successful.

We miss the train of success when we no longer discipline ourselves to achieve excellence every day.

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