Activist writes book against oil drilling


Environmental activist Godfrey Mfiti has written a book that exposes the danger of extracting oil from Lake Malawi.

The Government of Malawi issued licences to Sure-stream Petroleum and Rak Gas to start exploring oil and gas in the fresh water lake.

The issue of exploring oil from Lake Malawi opened a can of worms and the gesture opened up diplomatic wrangles between Malawi and its neighbour Tanzania.


Environmental activist Godfrey Mfiti, who has been a fierce critic of the move, has written a book titled Lake Malawi-the Coming Disaster in which he vehemently rejects the idea arguing that the danger far surpasses the benefits.

“The book depicts current challenges Lake Malawi is facing. These include climate change, overfishing, unsustainable siltation from Lake Malawi’s tributaries, among others. The book outlines the impending disaster that the lake will bring if the government does not reverse its decision,” Mfiti said.

He further said oil drilling would have far reaching consequences on marine bio diversity, pollute drinking water and affect millions of people who benefit from the lake.


“This book is a wakeup call to policy makers, especially the government. My expectation is that the book will enlighten them on the dangers that innocent souls will be exposed to. I believe that the book will force the government to abandon the project in order to save our lake and the lives that depend on it for survival,” Mfiti said.

The government initiated the project in order to boost the country’s economic activities in the wake of declining demand for tobacco, which is the country’s major foreign exchange earner.

But the World Heritage Centre wrote Malawi in July 2016, urging it to abandon preparations for oil exploration in Lake Malawi National Park, which is a world heritage site.

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