Admarc starts buying maize

Agnes Ndovie

The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) has started buying maize at the government’s set farm gate price of K150 per kilogramme.

Admarc spokesperson Agnes Chikoko Ndovi said the grain marketer has disbursed money to all Admarc depots in the Southern Region.

Ndovi added that they were targeting to buy 300, 000 metric tonnes of the commodity but could not divulge details on the amount of money disbursed.


“We have opened our depots in the Southern Region and we have started with the region because the maize is dry but we will move to the central then the north once moisture evaporates from the commodity,” she said.

Farmers have been complaining that the grain marketer is delaying to start the purchase of the commodity, which forces them to sell to vendors who offer low prices.

Farmers Union of Malawi President Frighton Njolomole said the grain trader should hasten to start buying produce in other parts of the country.


Njolomole added that the grain marketer should place serious mechanisms to ensure that it is the farmers who are benefitting not vendors who duped farmers.

“They should start purchasing from cooperatives and, once they are done, they should go to individuals because it will be hard for a vendor to penetrate through a cooperative and sell their maize,” he said.

Presenting the 2021/22 national budget to Parliament, Finance Minister Felix Mlusu said K12.0 billion has been allocated for maize purchases by the National Food Reserve Agency and Admarc to restock the strategic grain reserves.

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