Again, Christmas is here


Love… Family… Forgiveness… Unity

Christmas is a tradition in the Christian world that honours the birth of our lord Jesus Christ the son of God. Christmas has been known to be celebrated from years dating as back as 300AD. Christmas is celebrated on December 25thevery year.

It is a sacred time for Christians –a time to praise the Lord for the gift he gave the world, a time to give thanks for the salvation of mankind and a time to remember the unconditional love the Lord has for us.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16 (King James Version)

The pastor at church two weeks ago mentioned that the meaning of Christmas is fas t being eroded and commercialised. I found that I was in total agreement with him. Christmas has become the great marketing tool, a time for hot business.

Is this to say Christ has been shortened to “X”? This is the interesting question. Why should the name Christ be shortened in the first place? Xmas bashes, Xmas sales, Xmas parties are fast becoming the new meaning of Christmas.


Christmas has become an excuse for people to behave recklessly in the name of celebrating. The Christmas season is when we hear of a lot of partying, drunken driving, spouses leaving their homes to spend time with lovers at the lake, people spending their whole salaries on things they can do without, random sexual coupling and a whole list of unnecessary and inexcusable behaviour. This is all justified in the name of Christmas.

We are humans, we fail and lack in many ways but the least we can do is embrace the gift of love and respect the memory of the birth of Christ. We live in a religious world and we also have a few atheists that do not believe in God and choose not to participate in such celebration. But if you believe in God, then you celebrate Christmas along with the rest of the Christian community.

We should not forget the meaning behind Christmas -love. We cannot become God and make big sacrifices for human kind, but we can honour the meaning behind Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, the son that God gave us, to save us, to die for our sins, a great sacrifice, one born out of true and unconditional love.

God showed his love t o the world through family. The descendants of a common ancestor are called family; we all have descended from a family God created. Christmas time is family time. Christmas time is time for unity. Christmas time is time to be blessed and bless others. Christmas time is time to humble ourselves.

Christmas is a time to show love and give love. Christmas is the time to spend time with the people that matter in your life, that you would make sacrifices for and that you hold dearest to your heart.

Another special meaning behind Christmas is that of forgiveness. We were given salvation for our multitude of unspeakable sins because of the love the Lord has for his creation. This originated from the birth of Christ. Christmas is a time to embrace that, to forgive those we hold grudges against and to receive forgiveness. It is a time to forgive ourselves for the grudges we hold against ourselves and strive to be better people, to show more love to fellow mankind and to live a life of unity with others.

Christmas is three days away. A day most of us are looking forward to. A day most of us plan to celebrate in one way of the other. Whether we party, go home, go to church, the questions remains: Are we celebrating with love? Are we honouring the true meaning behind Christmas? Are we planning to be a blessing to someone on the day like God blessed the world?

Have a Merry Christmas and celebrate in the best style.

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