AGide’s music journey continues


Veteran musician Giddes Chalamanda better known as A Gide has said he will continue performing as long as he is alive.

Giddes, who is now 85 years old said he is growing old but he is still strong and that he will continue holding live performances with Edgar ndi Davis Band.

“I will still continue entertaining Malawians with my music, at 85 years others are worried with my age but I am still strong and all I can say is that as long as I am alive I will continue to sing and perform,” said Giddes famed for songs ‘Che Meli,’ and ‘Line.’


At 85 years, Giddes has defied the odds to give out his best during live performances and he has even showed his dancing antics.

“I praise God for the talent; I praise God for the gift of life. Again I am here because I have remained faithful which is something missing in the new generation,” said the old-timer.

On his prospects of releasing a new album, A Gide, who claims that he was the first to release the song titled ‘Buffalo Soldier,’ before reggae maestro Bob Marley, said he is not finished yet on dropping albums but he has to discuss with musicians Edgar Kachere and Davis Njobvu.


“I would like to thank Edgar Kachere and Davis Njobvu as well as the entire Edgar ndi Davis Band for pushing me all the way. They have been there for me and so for a new album I have to first of all talk to them,” he said.

A Gide said he has new songs to come up with a new album but it is not all about rushing to release an album but producing the best.

“Recording songs is not an easy feat, you need more time, after composing you need to work on them and make sure they are good before going to the studio otherwise if you rush you end up giving people half-baked material,” said the musician.

He composed the song ‘Line,’ for his daughter ‘Line,’ who admitted during her father’s 85th birthday in January this year that the song played a bigger role in shaping her life to be where she is today.

A Gide advised upcoming artists to take their time when coming up with songs and that they should strive to be original.

“People know me as A Gide because I have always been original in my compositions. As artists we need to strive to be original and that will always earn us respect. Let’s write our own songs and avoid copying,” said A Gide.

He also said that before bringing all his songs to the audience, he took his time to sing the songs to among others his family and friends who have critiqued him.

Unlike in the past years where his voice was coming out clearly, this time around the musician has difficulties to sing some of the songs especially those that demand a high pitch.

A Gide said he has benefited from music despite other challenges revealing that he has built a house because of music.

The musician was a centre of attraction during a concert at College of Medicine Complex in Blantyre recently where people scrambled to take photographs with him.

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