AHL formulates mosquito powder


AHL Chemicals and Steel has pushed on the market a chemical powder to help control Malaria.

The company’s Marketing Manager, Maxwell Ngambi, has confirmed that the product is already on the market.

“Terminator is a wettable powder that AHL Chemicals and Steel has invented after years of research. It can be used for fumigation, covering both domestic and industrial purposes,” he said.


According to Ng’ambi, while important gains in malaria control have been reported in many countries, more work is needed to eliminate the disease in Malawi.

“This is a public health problem that World Health Organisation and government acknowledges. The product offers an effective and affordable solution to deal with the problem,” Ng’ambi said.

According to Ng’ambi, the product is available in 200g sachets at a price of K4,800 wholesale and


K5,200 retail.

“In terms of large volumes for institutional customers our head office in Kanengo is ready for contact, otherwise the product is available in all Agricultural Trading Company (ATC) outlets countrywide,” he said.

AHL Chemicals and Steel Ltd (ACSL) is a subsidiary of the AHL Group and was established as an indigenous manufacturing company with a core business of producing agro-based chemicals.

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