AHL, MDF in 20 000 tree planting drive


Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has planned to plant five million trees this year and has already received a boost of 20,000 seedlings from AHL Group.

The 20,000 seedlings are part of AHL’s 56,000 seedlings the company wants to plant this year through its subsidiaries and donations to other organizations such as MDF.

“Our company has been impressed after learning that this year alone, The Malawi Defence Force has a target of planting 5 million trees. This is very impressive because it shows how our Malawi Defence Force is committed to ensure that our beautiful country has a good green cover,” said AHL’s Administration Executive Isaac Kambilinya when his company presented the seedlings to MDF.


MDF Deputy Chief of Military Operations Colonel Harold Dzoole thanked AHL Group for the donation and promised to take care of the trees after planting them.

“We have noted that every year trees are planted but very little care is offered to the trees. As Malawi Defence Force we promise to take care of these trees,” said Dzoole.

He added: “We appreciate the good relationship between Malawi Defence Force and the corporate world and we look forward to a continued good working relationship between Malawi Defence Force and AHL Group.”


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