Airtel to roll out new 4G network


Airtel Malawi says it will soon launch a fourth generation (4G) technology to enhance its data service provision to customers.

Airtel Malawi acting chief executive officer, Charles Kamoto, said the company is also investing in broadband expansion for data transfer to facilitate private sector operations with reliable internet facilities.

“The 4G technology will avail faster internet service to our subscribers and we are already on trial to provide high quality data transfer services,” said Kamoto.


He said the company is now focusing more on investing in the broadband service provision, saying the world is now shifting from predominantly voice based telecom services to data transfer.

According to Kamoto, the company is committing 50 percent of its resources to the expansion and improvement of the broadband service which assures companies that depend on internet connectivity like banks.

“Airtel is poised to expand further and we are investing a lot in expansion to ensure we offer highest quality mobile and internet services,” said Kamoto.


The company says the current 3G network will eventually cover 100 percent of its nationwide network to ensure that subscribers enjoy high quality data and voice services, taking into account how fast internet service is getting into rural Malawians.

The company earlier indicated that it would invest US$40 million in a network expansion that promises a quality network services mainly to a rural Malawian.

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