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Albino abductors, killers do not deserve clemency


News that a man who abducted with an intention to kill a four-year-old child with albinism has been convicted and subsequently sentenced to 21 years in jail should excite any right-thinking human being.
We have said it before that those who are in the mean business of killing people with albinism do not deserve mercy because, by the fact that they kill innocent people, these people behave like wild beasts and need to be caged.
It is baffling that despite everything bordering on myth and vain beliefs, some people still live in their illusory world that body parts of a fellow human being, whose only difference is having a lighter pigment, would make one rich.
In the past three years, the country has been gripped with gory cases of killings of people with albinism. Until now, nobody can prove the myth that body parts of people with albinism have some charm to make people rich.
While we commend the court for the conviction and the sentencing of the abductor, we would like to urge people in communities to be each other’s keeper to stand guard against people with malicious intentions.
The fight against the abduction or killing of people with albinism cannot be left in the hands of security agencies alone. It is a responsibility of everyone to provide protection to people with albinism.
So far, the country has had no less than 150 cases of abduction and killing of people with albinism in the past three years. The figure is shocking and begs the question: what have we been doing to be in such a situation?
We hope that the conviction and the sentencing of the abductor in Mangochi will be a deterrent to others with similar evil intentions.
We would also like to appeal to our security agencies that while the cases of abduction and killing of people with albinism seem not as rampant as before, the agencies must not slumber because, as we are speaking now, someone with diabolic intentions is scheming to abduct and kill a person with albinism.
Let us put all our efforts to deal with these vile acts once and for all.

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