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Albino abductors, killers must rot in jail


The past three or four years, Malawi has been making grim headlines about the monstrous killings of people with albinism.

By the turn of last year, 17 people with albinism were reported to have been killed while several others were abducted and had their bodies mutilated. The reason for killing people with albinism is as senseless as one can imagine. Someone just woke up, one day, and started spreading false information that body parts of people with albinism are some charm for wealth.

But since people with albinism started being killed, no one has gotten rich for using such charms, a thing that tells how false these beliefs are. Killing people with albinism is only a diabolic adventure taken by people who have no respect for the sanctity of life and those who believe in phantom short cuts to riches.


A lot has been said and some efforts have been made to end the brutal killings of people with albinism but, sadly, there are still some people who are in this gory business. As a nation, there is need to put in more effort and embark on a serious venture to end these killings once and for all.

This is why we are applauding the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Zomba for sentencing two people to 20 years in prison each for abducting a person with albinism with an intention to kill.

People who are in the business of abducting or killing people with albinism do not deserve sympathy and, by virtue of their evil deeds, they have sold their right to be with normal people. Such people have no place to be other than the confinement of prison where we expect them to reform and come out human beings other than monsters that terrorise others simply for the difference in skin pigment.


We would like to strongly encourage security agencies and legal instruments to intensify the battle against the killing of people with albinism so that these heinous deeds are dealt with once and for all.

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