Albino body leads in victim’s reburial


Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (Apam), an organization that fights for the rights of people with albinism in the country, Wednesday witnessed the reburial ceremony of Enelesi Nkhata, a girl with albinism who was brutally murdered on March 9, 2016 in Dowa.

Speaking at the ceremony which took place at Kumtumba Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kaphuka in Dedza, Apam President Overstone Kondowe said there is need for mindset change of people in the country.

He said out there are some few people who still believe that the body parts and bones of people with albinism do possess magical powers, yet there is not any difference between a person with albinism and a person with a normal skin.


He said his organisation is requesting intensive awareness around the country to help in disseminating information condemning the malpractice of killing and abducting people with albinism.

The Apam president said Enelesi’s reburial was aimed teaching the nation on the need to construct protective graves for the remains of people with albinism in the light of rampant cases of grave robberies and they need government plus other stakeholders to support this initiative.

“We have turned into animals now failing to work and walk freely due to this malpractice,” Kondowe said.


He thanked Heatherwick Ntaba, who is Chairperson for National Technical Committee against Abuse of Persons with Albinism in Malawi, and the Deputy Inspector General of Police Rodney Jose for agreeing with the decision of according Enelesi a proper and respectful reburial ceremony so that she rests in rightful place.

He also appealed to village leaders to provide security to the people with albinism since, in the case of Enelesi, there was connection of relatives, saying leaders should ensure that security in families where there is a person with albinism is intensified.

“Today, we have witnessed the reburial ceremony of

our sister who was brutally murdered by her uncle, a brother to her father, this is the first model secure grave to be constructed to ensure that people should not tamper with the grave as it was with the cases in Ntcheu and Mchinji. To those who will be found in the graveyard tampering with the remains of a person with albinism, will still face stiffer punishments,” Kondowe said.

Ntaba said the public should take responsibility for the nation to ably deal with the atrocities against people with albinism.

He said government is working closely with Apam on various aspects including the need for lotion in various health sectors, providing security and hasten the murder cases that are still in court.

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