Albino saga: APM calls for dialogue


President Peter Mutharika has called for national dialogue on the issue of implementing the death penalty on individuals sentenced to death for murder.

Mutharika’s comments come immediately after Minister of Information, Nicholas Dausi, on Monday blamed the donor community for tying the government’s hands on the issue of enforcing capital punishment, especially on people convicted of abducting and killing persons with albinism.

“The Malawi Government appreciates the support it has been receiving from international development partners, traditional leaders, the Judiciary and the clergy in protecting the lives and rights of people with albinism and holding rights’ violators accountable…” he said


However, the President is asking for an honest national dialogue on whether the country should start implementing the death penalty or not on individuals sentenced to death for murder,” the statement from State House reads in part.

The United Nations on Wednesday condemned the re-emergence of attacks on persons with albinism after the brutal killing of 22-year-old MacDonald Masambuka and the subsequent arrest of a police officer

“What is more disheartening to President Mutharika is that preliminary investigations i n t o the abduct ion and murder of Mr Masambuka are showing leads to the effect that some wayward police officer and some members of the community in which the late Masambuka was residing, including a member of his immediate family, might have been involved in his abduction and murder,” reads the statement


Meanwhile, police has recovered six bones suspected to be of Masambuka, who was brutally murdered last week.

Eastern Region Police spokesperson, Joseph Sauka, said the bones were recovered on Tuesday as investigations into the abduction and murder of Masambuka reach an advanced stage.

He said the suspects they have arrested confessed to have had a hand in the brutal murder of Masambuka and revealed where they kept his bones.

“The bones were recovered on Tuesday afternoon after the suspects confessed and led the officers to where they hid the bones.

“The recovered bones are being kept, awaiting medical examinations,” he said.

Masambuka was found murdered after he went missing on March 9 2018. He was from Duwamakawa Village, Traditional Authority Nkoola, in Machinga District.

His body was laid to rest on Monday, April 2, without some body parts.

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