Alick Mwenda stops Felix Mwamaso


Judges gave challenger Alick Mwenda a slight advantage over the reigning champion Felix Mwamaso to end a year of embarrassment since losing his belt to the Mzuzu pugilist last year by capturing his revenge in a non-title professional super middleweight fight at the Obligado Leisure park in Mzuzu last Sunday.

Mwenda, a Kamuzu Barracks soldier’s withstood a sizzling start from Mwamaso and rallied the last three rounds with combined hooks, body punches and uppercuts which made him winner in the eight-round fight organized by Bagdad Mwamlima Boxing Promotions.

For Mwenda to out-class Mwamaso, he needed a stick and move tactic that is to jab using a long-range punch then quickly steps back wards using footwork to evade his opponent.


He suffered straight rights at the hands of Mwamaso in rounds five and six forcing Mwenda resort to rabbit punches which were sent to the back of the head attracting umpire Danstan Nyamazi ‘s warning against the behavior as it is illegal in boxing since it could cause cervical vertebrae damage and subsequent spinal cold injury resulting to death.

“It rained hard for him because last time he embarrassed me by robbing me the fight and I came to prove him wrong.” Mwenda told the press.

But Mwamaso accepted the result with reservations claiming judges had no choice but to clear themselves from the charge of aiding undeserved boxers.


Felix, 72kgs has fought 14 bouts, lost twice to Chimwemwe Chiotcha and Mwenda.

Mwenda 75kgs has fought 20 times won 13 on points, three TKOs, no draw and lost five.

In other fights, Rodgers Kaira beat Winford Nyambose, Mary Banda drew Violet Nyambose.

Mwamlima, thanked fans for supporting the fight and pledged more.

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