All decisions are investment decisions


The world is moving fast now; things are changing at an unprecedented speed. Breakthroughs of today are obsolete and archaic tomorrow. Competition is stiff and people are thinking hard to make a difference. But in this speeding world, most people feel disappointed that they have been unable to achieve their dreams. Most blame the environment they live in, the country they were born in, the politicians and many other people. It is human’s easier escape route to run away from responsibility through seeing our failures in the eyes of others.

It is imperative to note that life is uncertain and this uncertainty calls for risk taking if we have to live the life of our dreams. To most people, the only risk taken in life is that they have taken no risk at all. If you take no risks, then do not anticipate rising to glory. Be ready to die for your dreams. Have the heart of the champion and think like a champion. All sport champions take risks; they do the unthinkable, they do the uncertain and they know that anything can happen.

Taking a risk is a big investment. Casper Berry was right: “All decisions are investment decisions.”


We invest in our lives; we invest in our businesses. We invest in our dreams. The big question is: Are the decisions you are making, individually or with your team or family, the best decisions to get you to wherever you want to be? Or is something stopping you from making and taking those optimal decisions which maximise productivity and efficiency and shorten the amount of time that it can take to get you to your destination?

What stops most people from achieving their dreams is internal obstacles. We lack the belief to go on in pursuit of our dreams; we expect all we need to be easily falling in place. We expect to attain glory at a silver platter. Life is cruel, life is uncertain, life is hard. If you are not ready to take risks, to go deep into the inner recesses of uncertainty, then expect to achieve nothing. Everybody is working to achieve his or her dreams and why always waiting for other people to do things for you to realise your dream. The pace is different. Do what you fear most, challenge the ideas that are seen to be normal, then you will make it big. What is certain today and seen as the messianic idea is obsolete tomorrow.

There is one good thing with humans and it is that we all have greatness within us; we have the DNA for success in us only that at times we lack the mental stamina to carry our ideas and dreams forward. We should always remember that things are lost in the mind. If we think of an idea and decide not to act on it, then we have lost the opportunity to realise bigger dreams. It is great to feel deep in your heart that ‘I am the one, that I am going to do this, that if not me, then who else’. Let no one tell you that it is not possible to achieve what you think of.


As Les Brown says: “Never let the opinions of others become your reality.”

There is an amazing story of two teenagers who were walking on ice. One of them stepped on thin ice and was consumed by the ice, she sunk. The other one could see the friend but was unable to reach him to pull him out of the sinkhole. At a short distance, he saw a small tree and he tore a branch off the tree and started hitting the ice so that he could reach the friend. As the paramedics were coming, they found him pulling the friend out of the ice and they were amazed.

One person asked: “How could the young man do that?”

His colleague answered: “Because there was no one to tell him that he could not do it.”

Most of us fail; most of us do not take risks because other people tell us that what we are considering is impossible.

It is appropriate to note that all things are impossible until we make them possible. It is even impossible to read this article until one decides to read it. It is impossible to walk any distance until one takes the first step to walk. If anything, there is no obstacle in life but us.

When he climbed Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary said: “It is not the mountain we conquered but ourselves.”

Conquer your fears and you will make it.

Create luck. Nobody should tell you that other people are lucky and you are not. What you consider to be luck is a result of the realisation of dreams that one nursed for so long, one worked so much, one persevered to achieve. When you are successful people, say you are lucky. Luck is what you create. Achieve your dreams, work hard on your dreams and then luck will follow you.

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