Alleluya Band, Black Missionaries unite Malawians, Mozambicans

Alleluya Band

Music sees no boundaries, and music has no language barriers.

This saying resonated with events at Edgars Lodge, Muloza Border, Mulanje when Malawians and Mozambican music lovers stormed the venue on Friday.

Entertainment-starved Malawian and Mozambican music lovers danced through the night at the jam-packed show, which started at around 8:30pm on Friday and went all the way to the wee hours of Saturday.


In fact, some patrons left the lodge at around 4:30am when the Blanks dished the last song from their Kuyimba 11 album.

Alleluya Band, who curtain0raised the show, revived memories of the 90s through songs dished out by Cos Chiwalo, Paul Subiri and Rod Valamanja.

While Muloza has been overlooked by music promoters as an emerging entertainment market, Black Missionaries lead vocalist, Anjiru Fumulani, was elated, saying attendance were “beyond expectations”.


“We did not believe that Muloza would support us this way. On behalf of Black Missionaries, I would like to thank our Malawian as well as our Mozambican fans for supporting this show through impressive patronage,” Fumulani said.

Cos Chiwalo, who led Alleluya Band, promised the fans that this would not be the last time for the band to perform in the area. He described it as the beginning of a partnership between the band and people in the border district.

“Expect a lot of shows from us in the near future,” Chiwalo said.

Some of the Mozambican patrons who braved the night by crossing the border to be part of the show said they decided to patronise it because some of the songs composed by the bands enjoy air play on the Mozambican Community Radio Tumbini of Villa Milanje.

One of the Mozambican patrons, Radio Tumbini’s DJ Elalo Deaz, said music from Malawi has a huge following in the Mozambican border town of Milanje; hence, the impressive patronage.

“We had actually been informing people, through messages on radio Tumbuni, about the show and that is why many Mozambicans patronised the show,” he said.

One of the Malawian patrons, Mike Kaphukusi of Muloza said that he could not afford to miss live performances of Black Missionaries and Alleluya Band.

“These events are rare here, at Muloza, and I could not miss the opportunity to watch the two popular bands sharing the stage,” Kaphukusi said.

Speaking in an interview, Edgars Lodge Sales and Marketing Manager, Jimmy Phiri, said the lodge had outlined a number of activities aimed at making Muloza the best tourist stop-over point.

“When people talk of tourism in Mulanje District, they usually think of the mountain [Mulanje] which is accessible from the Boma, yet we can also be promoting other tourist attraction ventures such as scenetic view of tea pickers, which are a common sight here at Muloza,” he said.

He said the lodge plans to introduce Cultural Weekends comprising darts, pool tournaments, traditional dances, traditional Lhomwe Cuisines as well tours to some of the interesting tourist sites in Malawi and Mozambique.

“As you might have observed from the interaction between the Malawian and Mozambican patrons, people are entertainment-starved here and we plan to make this place lively by organising events that will involve both Malawians and Mozambicans,” Phiri said.

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