Alleluya Band members in Italy


Five members of music group Alleluya Band are in Italy, one of the countries which has been hit by coronavirus which continues to claim lives.

Every year Alleluya Band tours Italy where they hold performances with the aim of raising funds for different projects at Andiamo in Balaka.

However, the five members including former band leader Coss Chiwalo, deputy band leader Gertrude Naluso, Madalitso Taferakaso and Etina are undergoing Italian language classes. They left the country in January this year and are expected back home on Friday.


Chiwalo, said Tuesday, they were safe in Italy although the situation was not good in that country.

“We came here before coronavirus started. It just came from nowhere and a lot of people have been affected. The situation is not good,” he said.

Chiwalo said the country needs to sensitise people about the disease and that they have to know its symptoms.


“People are normally catching it through handshakes and hugs and that is why this is not being encouraged here. People are being advised to be cautious and when you are moving as a team to be apart with a metre,” Chiwalo said.

The Daily Times on Tuesday reported that there was no coronavirus case in Blantyre.

Blantyre District Health Office (DHO) Director of Health and Social Services, Gift Kawalazira, released a statement to quell rumours that had emerged after a 21-year-old lady had, on arrival from China on Saturday, complained of chest tightness.

Over the weekend, President Peter Mutharika directed the formation of a Special Cabinet Committee of coronavirus to provide a national response to the outbreak of the disease which is spreading fast across the world.

Chiwalo said they would arrive on Friday through Chileka International Airport in Blantyre.

“Upon our arrival we will be on quarantine for 14 days for monitoring,” he said.

In the football circles, some games in Serie A have been postponed due to coronavirus while some have had to be played in closed doors.

“The situation is not good as I have said, here shops and schools have been closed. People are not going for prayers in churches,” Chiwalo said.

He also said that entertainment places and drinking joints are also not operational. “People here love drinking but drinking joints are also closed.

Except in some instances where there are arrangements and they also have to close early before six o’clock. Actually when you are drinking you have to be apart,” he said.

He said since they arrived in January, they had only two visits to Rome where there were no cases of coronavirus. “Even the teacher, who is taking us through the classes has to come to where we are putting up but as I indicated, we are doing the necessary means to be safe. There are cases where we are staying but we are safe,” Chiwalo said.

The BBC reported Tuesday that Italy was struggling to cope with coronavirus and that the entire population—some 60 million people have their movements restricted amid the outbreak.

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