Android or iOS; which is faster?


The choice between Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X is actually one between Google Android and Apple iOS operating system software. That said, which of the two is faster than the other? The appropriate answer is that it depends. On what? On many things.

It is important to state at the onset that it is not only the operating system software that determines how fast data downloads on your smartphone. It matters which carrier you are on. All I am saying is that it makes a difference which Sim card you have; is it TNM or Airtel?

The type of modem inside your handset can also make all the difference. There are times that a smartphone manufacturers use different modems on the same model. You may both have an iPhone 7 but that does not entail that both gadgets have similar modems.


One may have a Qualcomm modem while the other could have an Intel modem. The two modems could behave differently.

Signal strength depends on how closer or farther you are from the cell tower. This can, however be tricky; there are times that you could be as closer to the cell tower as possible yet the tower antenna might be pointing away from you. In that case you could experience a weaker signal that could result in slow internet connection.

All being equal, with those issues isolated from the equation, which is faster between Android and iOS? Thankfully, a US technology company, Ookla, recently conducted a research to answer this kind of a question. What did it find? Read on.


The company conducted the test on 670 iOS and Android devices across the entire width and length of the globe in January 2018.

According to Ookla’s findings Android is faster in some countries yet slower in other countries and the same is true of iOS.

In 60 countries, iOS downloads were 10 percent faster than Android. Notably, the edge was remarkably higher in Thailand where iOS was 60.5 percent faster. The trend was the same in Nigeria ( 51 percent), Kenya (43.4 perecent), Bangladesh (41.5 percent) and Kenya (38 percent).

Android trounced Apple iOS in 25 countries among which was Iraq (24.9 percent), South Africa (23.9 percent, Mongolia (19 percent), Hong Kong (17.2 percent) and Kuwait (12.8 percent).

What does this say? Generally iOS is faster in many parts of the world and in those countries it wins by huge margins. The underlying factor is that what is true for Kenya is not true for South Africa, for example.

The findings also revealed the type of iOS or Android handsets that are currently trending. On the iOS front, iPhone 7 is the most popular smartphone in 72 countries. Out of a plethora of 1,983 Android smartphone models, Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 3T and Huawei Honor 8 are the most adored damsels in the Android ecosystem. If you got one of those, you are cool!

And one more thing; for you to join the 4G/4.5G buzz, you need a 4G-ready smartphone, a 4G-enabled SIM and a 4G signal from a cell tower.

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