Anisha Basheel TKO’s South Africa opponent

Basheel poses with Kazembe

Malawi Defence Force boxer Anisha ‘The Massacre’ Basheel delivered a master class performance when she won through a technical knockout against South Africa’s Kholosa Ndobayini in a non-title lightweight contest that was scheduled for six rounds.

Basheel, buoyed by South Africa based Malawian trainer Andson Kazembe, dominated the contest before sealing her victory in the fifth round with a flurry of punches.

The win on Thursday came as a relief to Basheel after she lost two successive international fights.


Basheel, who won the African Boxing Union (ABU) and Commonwealth super lightweight titles in 2017 and 2018 respectively, said she was rebuilding her reputation to attract international title bouts.

“It always feels good to win. It goes back to my camp that my management team, coaches and sparring partners organised,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kazembe said they devised a good game plan to overcome the South African Lightweight champion.


“We knew she would come very prepared for the fight. We noticed the opponent was shorter than her [Basheel]. So, we trained her to use the jab and follow up with uppercuts, come to the head with straight rights to make the opponent think of the right hands to the head, and then she was advised to change them [the straight rights] to right uppercuts,” he said.

Following the win, Basheel, 24, has 10 wins (all knockouts) and eight defeats whereas Ndobayini, 36, has 15 wins and 10 defeats.

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