Annemarie sets January 22 for album launch


Singer and guitarist Annemarie Quinn, who is from the United Kingdom (UK), is set to launch her album Blue Sky Thinking on January 22.

Annemarie, who is co-founder of Music against Malaria alongside Code Sangala, has been working on songs of the album for some time.

Some of the artists she has worked with in the album include Faith Mussa, Agorosso and Waliko Makhala.


“I am happy to have worked, and created, amazing sounds with Malawian musicians,” Annemarie said.

The artist recently released ‘Osadandaula’, one of the tracks from the album.

“There are a number of things I have lined up ahead of the launch and this is just to hype up everything.


“I am excited to officially launch the album on January 22,” Annemarie said.

The singer, who studied music in the UK and teaches music at Jacaranda School for Orphans in Blantyre, said working with Malawian artists had helped her put things in perspective.

Annemarie has performed in top festivals such as Lake of Stars and Blantyre Arts in the country.

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