Annie Matumbi’s wish sometimes, one may


Think that Anne Matumbi does not care; that he is the kind of individual who enjoys his own company. A man without worries.

For very rarely have I come across Anne Matumbi anywhere, and found him to be in the company of some people. For the most part, he is alone, and he is smiling and holding his back pocket. I do not know what he hides in there!

But that is beside the point. The point is, Anne Matumbi recently found me on my work station. I mean the chair I sit in and the desk I lean on. Something like that.


Anne Matumbi says: “Bro, have you come across any article online where they are talking about me?”

I am not sure about what he wants next and, so, I keep quiet.

He repeats the question and I have no choice but to answer. I say no; I have not heard of anything, positive or negative, about Anne Matumbi.


Maybe before I continue, I should say something about the use of the name Anne Matumbi though out. When it is a nick name, the thumb rule is to mention the whole of it whenever the name has to be mentioned. One cannot say “Tay Grin is coming to Malawi. Grin will be in the country for two days…” That is madness.

So, I said: “I have not come across anything of that sort.”

“Okay, search Anne Matumbi,” he said.

I google-searched Anne Matumbi and one internet story, which mocks Anne Matumbi on an issue I will not mention here, pops up.

I read it and laugh.

Matumbi looks at what I am reading and says: “Do not read that one, man! Skip it!”

But I read on and, seeing that I am not relenting, Anne Matumbi says: “Ndi achamba amenewo [the one who wrote that piece was high on something]. Is there no way such people can be punished?”

I laugh.

So, Matumbi has time to reflect on some things and think about those who should be punished?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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