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Anti-Corruption Bureau calls for integrity among aspiring accountants

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has called upon accountants to practise integrity in their line of work.

Stressing on ethical morals of an accountant, ACB’s Senior Corruption Prevention Officer Susan Phiri cited the infamous Cashgate, saying if the accountants involved were honest in their line of work, the looting of taxpayers’ money would not happen.

Speaking at a conference at The Polytechnic, which Society of Accounting Students (Socas) hosted, Phiri called upon the accountants not to be afraid in reporting corrupt acts.

Phiri said, integrity among accountants helps in maintaining the faith of the public, alluding to the accountants who deal with taxpayers’ money.

“They should be accountants with integrity ,thus they should be truthful to themselves. They should do their work according to the books and unmoved or influenced by anyone,” Phiri said.

One of the students, Matthew Kasulo expressed gratitude, saying that the information imparted by the ACB will benefit the students in their studies and preparation for the industry.

“It’s not everything that we can learn in class, so the information brought forth by the ACB will supplement on our lessons and prepare us for the industry,” Kasulo said.

Socas General Secretary Malumbo Nkhoswe concurred with Kasulo, saying interaction with those in the industry gives them a picture of what to expect from the industry.

“We have learnt a lot, among other things acts of corruption that we were not aware of. It will also help us to be accountants of integrity and in that way, we will benefit the country,” Nkhoswe said.

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