Anti-corruption conference starts today


President Lazarus Chakwera is today and Tuesday leading a stakeholders’ conference on the anti-corruption fight in the country.

A statement signed by Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo says stakeholders will have an audit of what has been done and needs to be done to win the fight against corruption graft.

They will also share commitments on how they will participate in the battle against corruption and inspire others to take part in the fight.


“In order to fulfil the multi-sectoral approach, all the twelve pillars identified in the National Anti-Corruption Strategy will participate in the conference and renew their commitments in the fight against corruption.

“The twelve pillars include Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, the private sector, the academia, civil society organisations, local government, the youth, traditional leaders, women, the media and faith-based organisations.

“In his quest to enhance the anti-corruption fight, the President has taken a tough stance against corruption by supporting governance institutions, including the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Financial Intelligence Authority, [and] the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, among others,” reads the statement.


Chairperson for the National Anti-Corruption Alliance, Moses Mkandawire, says the fight against corruption is facing several impediments which have to be tackled at the conference including the need for coordination among the enforcement agencies and political will.

“You have seen the communication which has come from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions on the need for coordination. To me that is a critical.

“The second point is political will. Since 1994, when we went to multiparty democracy, we have not seen real political will in the fight against serious and organised corruption,” Mkandawire said.

He further said there is a need for concerted efforts among various stakeholders saying the fight against corruption cannot be left to an individual or an institution.

Mkandawire added that serious and organised corruption has ripped through many structures of governance and everyone is affected.

He said the law on corruption cannot be an excuse in the fight against corruption arguing that much emphasis must be put on integrity.

“The law might have its weaknesses, yes, but in most cases litigation only contributes to five to 10 percent in terms of the fight against corruption. What we must do is to apply the concept of integrity in all structures of governance,” he said.

The conference will be held under the theme ‘Resetting the Nation’s Moral Tone’.

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