Anti-vaxxers plague


There have always been different types of diseases and a circus of epidemics and pandemics. Every time, an affected country or region was taken unawares and was shaken; luckily, either the human body developed immunity to fight these diseases or scientists worked on a vaccine, cure or therapy that eradicated the diseases, protected people from it or improved the quality of life for those living with the disease.

A good example is the HIV and Aids epidemic.

When the disease first hit, there was complete and absolute chaos and tragedy all over the place. In those days, people died of the condition within a very short time; the young and the old, the careful, the reckless and the innocent.


Gone are those days. There was awareness on precautions, there was distribution of condoms, there was development of protection from mother to child transmission, there was development of antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs and there was counselling.

People now live positively for decades, some with even better and longer lives than those without the condition. The story is different now because interventions were made and scientists did their work.

When the Covid pandemic first hit, people were completely and utterly helpless and shaken. The world was shocked and dazed at the sheer impact of the disease and how contagious it was.


People were also unaware of the necessary precautions and remedies related to the disease. But scientists got to work quickly and, by the time the second wave struck, we had a bit more information, knew the precautions better and were also better equipped to manage the outbreak and all what it comes with. On top of that, vaccines were in the making.

Interestingly, however, the vaccine was not welcomed with open arms.

When babies get vaccinated, they will usually start feeling irritable because of some side effects including fever. We all know this.

Ironically, with the Covid vaccine, people are not expecting any side effects and the presence of side effects renders the vaccine a monster.

How ironic is that when all these years they have grown up and relied on vaccinations and they are still taking their babies to get the shots. So a baby can handle a vaccine better than adults?

Seriously, the very same people who have taken babies for vaccination to protect them and who have nursed babies’ side effects from the vaccine are now branding the vaccine as something completely alien to the human folk.

If someone thinks they will die from the vaccine, then they will definitely die from the disease; but, at least, with the vaccine, there is a fighting chance.

Most of the fears about the inoculations are unfounded, typical misinformation and false information.

Others will actually have accurate information about the benefits of the vaccine but look for that scintilla of bad news related to the vaccine to back up their unwillingness to take responsibility and step out of comfort zones.

Granted, indeed everyone has a right to get the shot or not. However, it is also granted that every right comes with responsibility and, in this case, that responsibility is even more pronounced because we are talking about a highly contagious disease here and one that has caused many deaths.

Everyone has a right to choose but everyone also has a responsibility to protect others around them.

By choosing not to vaccinate, one is essentially relinquishing a level of responsibility and, with the nature of the disease, the question is: Are Covid anti-vaxxers planning to live in their own little worlds were they do not interact with and expose others and themselves?

There are countries you cannot step your feet in if you do not show that you were vaccinated against yellow fever.

With Covid, it will be all countries and, with where the world is going, we will not have access to places without vaccination or travel freely within our own countries if we risk exposing others.

We have already seen this at the recently ended Euro games; only vaccinated people were allowed into some stadia and restaurants.

It is an underestimate to say Covid has been brutal to humankind and that the prospect of a future free from the contagion is everyone’s prayer. A fighting chance is all we have. There is hope and it is in the vaccine.

I rest my case.

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