Apple hates third-party iPhone repairs


Apple always assembles computers, tablets and smartphones in a manner that makes it almost impossible to disassemble them. The reason for this is, so Apple makes us believe, to protect your Apple products from damage resulting from bad workmanship.

What that seems to suggest is that nobody else other than Apple technicians and Apple authorised repair centres has the competence to affect repairs to Apple products. That may not be true. Surely there are a lot of Apple technicians and engineers who left Apple that can repair iPhones. They can also teach others.

After all, a very good repair technician can always discover how to work around a product. All that is required is break-open one iPhone. After all, ours is an age of sharing on the internet. There is a lot of material that has been shared on the internet on how to repair whatever Apple product.


So, there must another credible reason why Apple hates third-party repairs and perhaps Apple is too ashamed to state it in raw form.

Apple has fortified this philosophy in its recently launched iPhone 11 smartphone. If you are unfortunate that the display for your iPhone 11 breaks and it has to be replaced, be prepared to be haunted by Apple if the replacement is not done by Apple or one of their own authorised men.

As soon as the repair is completed by the unauthorised dealer, a warning message “unable to verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple display” will appear. This will persistently appear for four days before the message moves to Settings Menu and continues to bother you for 15 more days with reminders. As if that is not annoying enough, the message will move to Settings General and continue to be a nuisance for another 13 days.


Before Apple gives up and lets you use your iPhone whichever way you choose, Apple will send you a final message threatening you that Apple Care Service has marked your iPhone 11. This means that Apple may refuse to repair it in the future.

A US repair centre iFixit got curious and tried to find out the real purpose of this admonition. The company swapped displays of two iPhone 11s and to the dismay of their engineers, the message still appeared. They tried again and the same result. This means that the Apple system does not check whether a genuine display or an imitation has been fitted. Or it does is just to notice that a display has been changed.

What this means is that once the iPhone 11 is taken for repairs at Apple Care, technicians reset the message after the display is replaced.

What shall we say about these things? The real reason why Apple desists third-party repairs is not really to protect the customer; Apple does so to improve its revenue. The problem is that Apple charges insanely for repairs just as it does for the product itself.

My ladies and Lords, I rest my case.

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