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With Marshal John Mdeza:

iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S10 are both tenth anniversary smartphone products from Apple and Samsung Electronics.

They are flagship smartphones. If you asked me which one is the best, I would say that probably there is no winner.


The reason is that both are front-runners; it just depends where one’s brand loyalty is. That is how fierce the competition is between the two companies.

Samsung Electronics and Apple are as much different as they are similar.

Founded in 1969 by a school dropout, Lee Byung-Chul, Samsung Electronics sprouted from Samsung chaebol (very big corporation) which was and still is involved in almost everything in South Korea.


Apple, was on the other hand, started by two school dropouts,

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniac in the former’s father’s garage. Steve Jobs was not much of a technical person; Steve Wozniac was. Jobs was an amazing visionary and marketing whiz kid. If truth has to be told; Apple was formed to market Apple I computer that Steve Wozniac had built.

Lee Byung-Chul had the same mind as that of Steve Jobs; the ability to detect the next wave of the industry and jump on it.

He was not the chief executive officer of Samsung Electronics but, as chairman of Samsung Group, was able to push people towards a vision; his mind was the blueprint of Samsung Electronics.

The word ‘impossible” was never part of Steve Jobs’ vocabulary. He was known to push designers and engineers into excellence; he brought out the best out of technical people; many times at their displeasure.

Both Apple and Samsung Electronics were born at a time when Sony was king of the electronics world. Both companies envied Sony.

Samsung’s dream was not be like Sony but intended to dislodge it. Apple and Steve Jobs admired Sony. Jobs made several trips to Sony’s manufacturing facilities in Japan. At one point, Steve had wanted to introduce Sony’s factory uniform at Apple.

Samsung triumphed Sony with the introduction of flat panel TVs. Sony arrive at the LCD Television party late. Samsung electronics product portfolio is huge; TVs, Fridges, phones and what not? Apple is into computers and smartphones.

In terms of mobile phones, again, Samsung Electronics has a wider product range, from basic phones, feature phones, ordinary smartphones and higher-end smartphones. Samsung is only into higher-end iPhone smartphones. It is for this reason that Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer while Apple is the most profitable smartphone company.

Apple and Samsung believe in the same design philosophy; design department first creates outward impression of the product and engineers design the electronics. This is a departure from the standard design philosophy where engineers create the electronics and let designers package it.

It is for this reason that the two companies are able to churn out very beautiful smartphones. It is the culmination of art and technology.

Samsung is also a semi-conductor giant; producer of storage and memory. It is maker of smartphone screens. Because Samsung supplies Apple Memory, storage and smartphone screens, Samsung finds itself sleeping with the enemy.

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