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Artists Annemarie, Goma in live session


Musicians Annemarie Quinn and Goma Nyondo have teamed up and are set to hold a live session at Kwa Haraba Art Gallery and Café in Blantyre Thursday.

This is the first time for the two artists to come together and hold such a concert although they have shared the stage in previous shows.

Annemarie, who is from the United Kingdom (UK) but has stayed in the country for close to four years, said Tuesday she was happy to work with Goma.


“I love the way he does his music and plays the guitar. So, I am happy that we are set to perform together this time. It will be more like a jam session where we will play some songs together and also have our own sets,” she said.

The singer and guitarist, who is also co-founder of Music against Malaria is set to release an album Blue Sky Thinking.

“I am happy with the progress I have made with the album. I have worked with a number of musicians in the country. Malawi has amazing musicians and I have learnt a lot from them,” Annemarie said.


Meanwhile, Annemarie, who studied music in the UK and currently teaches music at Jacaranda School for Orphans in Blantyre, has announced that she will be releasing a single from the album on December 4 2020.

Goma described Annemarie as a talented musician.

“I have learnt a lot from her through this collaboration. We have practiced a good number of tracks and I am looking forward to performing on Thursday (tomorrow). This is a collaboration between Malawi and the United Kingdom. These platforms are key in terms of growing our music,” he said.

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