Artists light St Columba CCAP gospel concert


Faith Mussa, Great Angels Choir and Ndirande Anglican Voices on Friday put up splendid performances and treated people to gospel vibes during a fundraising concert held at St Columba CCAP Church in Blantyre.

St Columba CCAP Church fundraising team indicated ahead of the concert that they were seeking to raise K8 million through the concert but they failed as the show failed to pull a huge audience.

Despite the not-so-impressive audience, the concert lived up to its billing as all the three acts turned up for the show and gave in their all.


First to hit the stage was Ndirande Anglican Voices and, led by lead vocalist Dennis Kalimbe, they offered several of their songs from their albums Zimandikwanira, Namondwe Tonthola, Tiyeni Tonse, Ndasambammanja and Mulungu Amatikondera.

They performed for a long time before paving the way for Faith, who earlier in the afternoon also treated children at Beehive in Chilomoni to a free-of-charge performance.

The singer and guitarist continued from where Ndirande Anglican Voices had left off and ended his set on a high with the hit ‘Mdidi’ as the audience longed for more.


On his itinerary included songs such as ‘Desperate’, ‘Selefoni’ and ‘Pokumbukira Mtanda’, in which he reminded people of his past exploits when he used to star with his parents in Mussa Family.

Faith, who is expected to perform in Spain next month and is expected to share the stage with United States of America Christian group The Afters this week, said he was happy to perform at St Columba CCAP Church after a long time.

“It feels good to perform in the church and I am thankful for the support. We should not be ashamed of singing and dancing for the Lord,” he said in between his performance.

Great Angels Choir was the last and performed to their best and ended off their musical script close to midnight.

St Columba CCAP Fundraising team has always invited the Lilongwe-based gospel group to their fundraising concerts and, last year, they were also part of the programme.

Some of the songs they dished out on the night included ‘Nza Yahweh’ and ‘Ufumu Umodzi Siuwukilana’ off their latest album which they are set to release later this year.

“We always feel at home performing here and we are so thankful to St Columba CCAP for always adding us to their programme. The support we get here is massive and most of all it is about ministering the word of God through music. It was even great sharing the stage with Faith and Ndirande Anglican Voices, who we are collaborating with in one of the songs in the new album,” Great Angels Music Director Ephraim Zonda said.

St Columba CCAP Church Fundraising Committee Deputy Chairperson Leria Likongwe admitted that the concert did not attract a huge audience but they made progress.

“People enjoyed the night and connected with God through music. We are not stopping here, we will continue to hold gospel concerts because we want to build a nursery school,” Likongwe said.

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