Aspire and persevere


You were born to achieve greatness in life. In fact, in all fairness, you have more chances to be successful than you can imagine. What are your dreams? What do you want to be? What do you aspire to achieve in life? Take note that it is possible to achieve your dreams and live a life of your aspirations. There are only two unique things in life: progress and death.

It is unquestionable that one day we will die and we have no power over death. But, on the other side, we have progress and that is what we can determine. Challenge life that, by the time you die, you will have died a progressive person the world would live to remember.

But to progress and live a life according to our aspirations calls for greater determination, hard work and a spirit that never gives up. The path to success is rugged, thorny, bushy with many seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But remember one thing; obstacles are there to be conquered, challenges are there to be overcome and make us great.


Do not let anyone else tell you that what you want to achieve is impossible. Never and never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Jeffrey Fox was right;. Never quit, keep going. Don’t let the illegitimates wear you down. You have to be tough, gritty, persevering to make your business (and dreams) successful. You cannot let troubles, setbacks, dark times, dunning creditors, bad luck, bad weather, or customer rejections, wear you down. You must not let illigimiti, regardless of their disguise, get you down. The illigimiti will hint that your idea will fall. They may suggest you do not have experience. They will warn you about the risk, and all the money involved. The illigimiti will have you wonder that you are too young, too old, too brash, too sweet, too good. They will roll their eyes and smile ruefully at your enthusiasm. The illigimiti are dreary and deflating. The illigimiti are losers.

Les Brown was right; never let the opinions of others become your reality. If you have a dream, work hard to achieve it, go to any length to realise it, be ready to die for your dream. Aspiration alone is not enough. Wishing alone is not enough. Taking the first steps towards implementing an idea is not enough. You need a dose of courage, perseverance and a never-give-up spirit. Walk the dream, talk is cheap. At the end of the day, you will have to say with Zig Ziggler: “I would not want to be that kind of person who says ‘I wish I did, I wish I did, I wish I did’. I would like to be the kind of a person who say ‘I am glad I did, I am glad I did, I am glad I did’.”

The achievers we admire made it as a result of perseverance. Ask Thomson Mpinganjira about his struggles in bringing to light FDH Financial Holdings Limited.


Have a chat with Mike Mlombwa and he will tell you of the many times he was nearly bankrupt but lingered on to tattered threads of hope till he won. Listen to Mark Katsonga Phiri when he lectures you on the number of times he nearly gave up the transportation business and how many ideas he has ever implemented that were never successful. But he never gave up and that made a difference.

In life, things will always never go your way most of the times. Do not expect that people will embrace, cherish and support your idea. Life is not that easy. Life is a struggle. When you have an idea, work on it immediately, strive hard towards achieving it. Remember that you are not the only person on earth and you are competing with billions of people. If you do not put your idea into action, someone else will come up with a brilliant idea, put it into action and overshadow you. Live your dream. Aspire and persevere.

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