Associations could miss out competition funding


Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) says there was a proposal to reallocate money meant for sporting competitions in sports disciplines to other programmes including infrastructure development.

Sports Council Acting Executive Secretary, Henry Mereka, said a proposal has been made as there was uncertainty on the future of sporting events due to Covid-19 pandemic.

But Mereka said it was too early to state which associations could be affected and the amount of money to be reallocated if the proposal succeeds.


“This is just a proposal and it is subject to change due to different factors,” he said adding that the institution supports different sporting associations in several areas.

“Our concentration is the development of the sport which is to do with preparing teams and participating in international competitions. Most activities have been suspended. As Sports Council we are trying to redefine and reposition ourselves.

“Sport development is not only about competitions but it has to do with preparations which also involves infrastructure. Probably at the moment we are trying to redirect ourselves into looking how we can improve infrastructure as we are monitoring the situation [Covid-19 pandemic]. Once the situations improve then we are good to go with infrastructure where we can do that,” he said.


Meanwhile, Mereka said it was too early to lift the ban on sporting events following calls from some sectors.

“We are still not safe we shouldn’t get carried away with what others are doing. We have to make our venues safe while protecting all parties; athletes, spectators and administrators,” he said.

Some fans have been calling for football season to return as politicians have breached coronavirus precautionary measures such as social distance and public gatherings.

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